I’m Ethan Buege

I am currently studying my passion, computer science, at Miami University. For me, there is no better feeling than finding creative solutions to real problems and developing software lets me experience that satisfaction on a daily basis.

I'm Ethan Buege

My Defining Skills

The most important investment anyone can make is in themselves. That’s why I’m always working on the things that are meaningful to me. Here are a few of the skills I’ve been working on lately.

Object Oriented Programming

Working in Java and C++ to master the concepts that are the building blocks of modern software development

Website Administration

Taking care of administrative tasks for a company website using WordPress, which is used on over 1/3 of all websites

Customer Service

Breaking the stereotype that software developers can't communicate effectively by taking jobs that rely on customer satisfaction

Server Management

Getting real experience with industry standard remote server operating systems like Unix and Linux

Statistical Modeling

Developing predictive models for real world applications, most recently modeling the impact of COVID-19 and analyzing which factors are most important in reducing the spread

Database Familiarity

Working with industry standard DBMS software to create well-formed databases and query them effectively

My Personality (according to a website that hasn’t met me)

I took the 16 personalities test and found it to be relatively accurate. I wouldn't take it too seriously, but if you're interested, click the button below to see my results.